After obtaining the visa of the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) on its program of issuing a 35 billion FCFA worth of a 2 year commercial paper on the regional monetary market of UEMOA, Oragroup starts the subscription period from 05th November to 04th December 2019.

A communication campaign has started in our different countries in the UEMOA zone, and we will meet many investors with our arranger and co-leader consortium to present the operation.

Les caractéristiques de l'opération sont les suivantes :

  • Issuer:                                     Oragroup 
  • Program name:                       Oragroup Billets de Trésorerie 6,10 %  2019 - 2021
  • Subscription period:                From 05th November to 04th December 2019
  • Date de jouissance :                12th December 2019
  • Volume :                                  7 000
  • Montant global de l'émission : 35 Milliards de FCFA
  • Subscription price:                   5 000 000 FCFA
  • Remuneration:                         6,.0 % brut l'an (net d'impôts pour les résidents togolais)
  • Coupon payment:                    Quaterly interest
  • Maturity :                                  2 years
  • Paiement du capital :              At the due date 

The issuance program is approved by the BCEAO under the BCEAO Visa number T301201B1BT 6.10% 11 - 2019-2021 and is backed by a 100% interest and principal guarantee by African Guaranteee Fund (AGF West).


Subscribe to SGI-TOGO, CGF Bourse in Senegal and SGI approved by UEMOA.

For further information, please contact your branch or account manager. More information in the information note and subscribe by filling the subscription form.


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