Through financial support and technical support, SUNREF West Africa has supported the evolution of the practices of financial actors in the region to facilitate access to green energy and promote the sustainable management of natural resources. As part of this partnership with AFD, Oragroup has been able to finance numerous projects between 2014 and 2018 to support the development of a low-carbon economy and enable economic players to adapt to this transformation.

Within the framework of SUNREF, and with the support of the European Union, Oragroup was able to support in West Africa the financing of 12 very diverse projects generating significant climate benefits, for an overall investment amount of nearly 6 million euros (3.9 billion FCFA). Of these projects, 4 relate to investments in energy efficiency (purchase and installation of engines, ovens, cooling system, air conditioning, lighting more efficient), 5 in renewable energy (solar) and 3 projects are mixed, combining energy efficiency with renewable energy. In terms of impacts, these investments once effective should allow annual energy savings of 2567 MWh, annual renewable energy production of 5283 MWh and 1,686 tonnes of CO2 avoided per year. Thanks to this Oragroup - AFD partnership, SUNREF has helped to sustainably transform the practices of local stakeholders and thus promote low-carbon development trajectories.


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