Agence Française de Développement (AFD) has launched the SUNREF website for its partners and green finance actors. The aim of this website is to be a platform to exchange ideas, share, and take action, while
being an ecosystem for green finance by disseminating knowledge and creating networks among actors in the sector. It will also provide information on the projects and partners of this innovative program.

Seizing the opportunities of the ecological transition
The transition towards a greener model holds considerable economic development potential. Green growth provides the private sector with a number of opportunities in the fields of energy management, sustainable
natural resources management and environmental protection. In Southern countries, financing this green growth poses a major challenge to which AFD contributes, thanks to the SUNREF program, in partnership with
green finance actors (banks, companies, public authorities, donors…).

Green credit line for the private sector accessible via partner banks
The aim of the SUNREF (Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Finance) program, AFD’s green finance label, is to facilitate access to affordable sustainable energy in order to ensure the development of a
low-carbon economy and contribute to mitigating the causes of climate change. 

SUNREF helps private actors in Southern countries seize the opportunities of the ecological transition and encourages local banks to finance it on customized financial terms. This innovative range of services
consequently gives the private sector greater access to bank financing to purchase better quality equipment, and thereby make savings and increase its competitiveness, thanks to better energy management and by
taking the environment into account.

SUNREF also offers its partners an integrated approach which aims to strengthen the capacities of all actors, thanks to a technical assistance program whose role is to support and boost the market for financing green investments: assisting banks in project financing and helping companies implement strategies for an optimized use of energy and natural resources.

SUNREF website: A platform dedicated to green finance
AFD has made a dedicated platform available to green finance actors (banks, companies, donors, public authorities) which allows them to collect, disseminate and capitalize on best practices. The SUNREF website is
thereby an ecosystem for green finance which provides actors in the sector with new opportunities to implement innovative and effective operational approaches. Finally, this website gives an additional
understanding of the green finance projects implemented by AFD, the green investments made in Africa, the Indian Ocean, Latin America, Asia and the Mediterranean, SUNREF’s innovative approach and its benefits, its
partners, and the types of eligible financing. SUNREF’s aim is to pool the efforts of all actors in order to facilitate the scaling up which is essential for addressing the environmental challenges.

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