The shareholders of ORAGROUP, a Limited Company with a Board of Directors with a capital of 69,415,031,000 F CFA and whose registered office is located at 392, rue des Plantains - BP 2810 LOME-TOGO, are convened at the Ordinary General Meeting to be held at the Feast Hall of the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire located at Boulevard Hassan II, 08 BP 01, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 10:00 GMT, Abidjan time.

In order to deliberate and decide on the following agenda:

1. Approval of the management report of the Board on the
activity and the summary financial statements of the company, the consolidated
accounts PCB and SYSCOHADA for the year ended 31/12/18
2. Approval of Regulated Agreements Pursuant to Section 440
3. Approval of the Board's self-assessment report its
committees and its members
4. Discharge of Directors and Statutory Auditors
5. Appropriation of results for the year ended 31/12/18
6. Ratification of the cooptation of an Independent Director
7. Determination of directors' compensation for the 2019
financial year
8. Powers to be conferred with a view to legal formalities


The file of the General Assembly is downloadable on the website, from the date of this notice, or physically removed at the head office of ORAGROUP located at 392, rue des Plantains - BP 2810 LOME-TOGO, or from the financial intermediary where the shares of the shareholder are registered

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