Orabank Togo is a major player in the Togolese banking system in capital, balance sheet, equity and profitability, with a solid financial situation, offering a wide range of products and services to a large and diversified clientele: 130,000 customers including 115,000 individuals and 15,000 businesses (small and micro businesses, small and medium-sized businesses), institutions, retailers, self-employed professionals, etc.

Orabank Togo offers to the exclusive service of all its customers a staff of 384 employees and its network of 38 branches.

Orabank implements on a daily basis a strategy based on shared values, organized around structured and specialized customer lines to provide the best support.

Our achievements

At the end of 2017, Orabank Togo reaffirms its leadership in a banking market of 13 operators, with 22.5% of market share in terms of deposits (317.4 billion CFA francs) and loans (292 billion CFA francs) , a significant increase compared to 2016 (310 billion CFA francs). The bank's balance sheet total exceeded 545 billion CFA francs, or 23% of the Togolese banking market. In terms of turnover, Net Banking Income (NBI) increased by just over 7%, which is a higher rate of revenue growth than expenditure. At 8 billion CFA francs, the net result shows a clear progression, which reflects the effectiveness of the various actions undertaken.

Orabank also improved its client portfolio from 156,995 in 2016 to 189,212 in assets as of December 31, 2017.

Our perspectives

Support state actions in all sectors of activity

Accompany Students by offering them a set of products and services tailored to their needs: the Student Pack, coupled with digital services.

Respond to the expectations of people and customers in innovative products and services with a range of product packages for all and a range of digital services solutions including:

  • The mobile application;
  • Mobile payment;
  • Sending Western Union online without showing up at an Orabank branch;
  • The e-commerce online payment platform....

Board of Directors

  • Pr Palouki MASSINA (President)
  • Oragroup SA represented by Mr. Ferdinand NGON
  • Togolese state represented by Mr. Edo Kodjo Maurille AGBOBLI
  • National Social Security Fund represented by Mr. Kouadjo Alowoanou GBADAGO 
  • Mr. Didier ACOUETEY
  • Mr. Brice LODUGNON
  • William NKONTCHOU
  • Mrs. Binta TOURE NDOYE
  • Mr. Assiongbon D. EKUE
  • Mr. Cheikh Tidiane N’DIAYE


  • FICAO – Lomé TOGO

Management Committee

  • Chief Executive Officer : Guy-Martial AWONA 
  • Deputy CEO : Kofi DORKENOO
  • Chief Administrative and Financial Officer : Mohama Aminou AMADOU
  • Head of Treasury and trading room : Adudé Fafa AKUE
  • Head of Auditing : Kossi N'Souvi AZIANKOU
  • Head of Permanent Control : Messan Komlan KENEY
  • Head of Operations :  Paul HINE
  • Head of Quality of service :  Ayi Jérôme AJAVON
  • Head of Human Capital : Ognadou Evariste  ADJAHO
  • Head of Risks : Agossou Toussaint SOSSOU
  • Head of Recovery : Téih Yawo GAFA
  • Head of IT : Eyoudja Hughes TAKOUGNADJI
  • Head of Legal, Compliance and Litigation : Kossi Ehiam DE SOUZA
  • Head of Business Banking :  Agbéko BATE
  • Head of Personal Banking and Branches : Komi Wofofo TIASSOU
  • Head of Private and Institutional clients: Kpété Woedina Rachel YWASSA
  • Financial Controller: Afutu BROOHM
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