On Friday, February 15, at the Terrou-bi hotel in Dakar, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) and Orabank Senegal signed a partnership agreement for the establishment of a digital banking platform.

The CDC is a public institution with special status and its mission is among others, to ensure the receipt and management of deposits and consignments of organizations and individuals and the custody of funds available from the Caisse National d'Epargne. Established by the State of Senegal to be the bank of notaries, the CDC to better serve them has, following a call for tenders, retained Orabank to be one of its two partner banks, in the framework management of the financial flows of notaries. Through this partnership, Orabank Senegal will provide financial and banking services to notaries, clients of the CDC, to facilitate their operations with third parties and will also provide them with innovative means of payment.

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