Advance pending cashing of a cheque: customers are authorised to exceed their account's credit balance limit pending an expected cheque payment.

Overdraft: this facility authorises customers to withdraw funds in excess of the account's credit balance.

DFS (Decentralised Financial System) credit lines: authorised for a maximum of one year.

Repayment loans

Short-term credit: up to 3 years.                                       

Medium-term credit: up to 5 years.

Advances on expected income.

Advances on contracts for which payment will be made into an Orabank account, based on the value of the contract.

Investment loans to help customers set up or expand a business.

DFS refinancing for microfinance institutions.

Bonds / guarantees

Orabank Niger can provide businesses with a range of bonds (including bid, performance and advance payment bonds).

Documentary credit/collection.

Customs bonds. 

Standby letters of credit to prove that a transaction is guaranteed.

International transactions

International money transfers: settle invoices or pay money into an account, anywhere in the world.

Domestic transactions

Discounting of bills of exchange

Discounting of drafts

Cashing of bills of exchange

Collection of cash and financial instruments

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