Orabank Group is currently implementing an extensive programme to roll out the new Sopra Banking Amplitude (SBA) banking software package across its twelve subsidiaries.

Following the deployment at Orabank Togo (including the Banque Togolaise de Développement branches involved in the merger) and Orabank Benin, on 16 March 2015 it was the turn of Orabank Mauritania to start working with SBA, following five months of preparations involving the bank's entire workforce. 

Oragroup's gamble in running three programmes simultaneously to speed up the roll-out of SBA across all of its subsidiaries, with the aim of completing the process by the end of 2016, appears to have paid off.

The SBA deployment will continue with the subsidiaries in Ivory Coast, Senegal and Chad with the same commitment to achieving the Group's objectives.

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