Overdrafts and advances on salaries/term deposits

Our overdraft facilities help customers to manage both everyday and unforeseen expenses.

School loans

To help manage back-to-school expenses. The Orabank school credit, for a successful start of the school year.

To approach the back to school serenely, think about the loan Orabank school: in 72h, get an answer for a loan equivalent to two (2) times your salary or a maximum of 15 million GNF, repayable over 11 months.

Ramadan loans

Prepare for Eid al-Fitr the stress-free way with a Ramadan loan.

Take advantage of this special offer from Orabank and get an advance equivalent to two (2) months of your net salary up to a maximum of GNF 5 million, repayable over ten (10) months.

Contact your local Orabank branch for more information.

Tabaski loan

A loan to help cover the cost of celebrating the Festival of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha).


A loan to help manage expenses relating to end-of-year celebrations.


A personal loan that can be used to buy a vehicle or household appliances

Mortgages and home improvement loans 

Whether you want to build, renovate or extend a property, Orabank has a home loan solution for you.

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