Orabank Ivory Coast can provide businesses with a range of bonds to enable them to tender for contracts that require guarantees.

Documentary credit

A commitment by signature made by the bank on behalf of a buyer to pay a specified amount to a supplier of a good or service upon presentation, within a set period, of valid documents proving that the item has been shipped or the service delivered.

Documentary collection

A transaction in which an exporter hands over the task of collecting payment for goods supplied to their bank and receives payment from the importer in exchange for the shipping documents.

Investment loans

Businesses can take out these loans to help them finance their working capital or make tangible, intangible or financial investments.

Loans for traders

Traders can borrow short or medium-term credit to buy stock and different kinds of goods. 

Credit lines and advances on contracts/purchase orders

Business customers can arrange a credit line to enable them to fulfil orders or contracts prior to payment.

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