With Visa Business, Visa Premier, Visa Classic and Visa Prepaid smart cards for personal and business banking customers, Orabank's range of cards has something for everyone.

Visa Business card

Visa Business cards are for professionals only and are linked to a business account. Holders can make withdrawals and payments all over the world, giving businesses greater control over what is spent by employees who regularly travel for work.

Visa Premier card

Make withdrawals and payments all over the world with this top-of-the-range Visa card, which comes with a range of insurance cover and other benefits for you and your family. This card gives you greater flexibility and peace of mind when making payments and withdrawals.

Visa Classic card

Take this card with you anywhere in the world to make international withdrawals and payments. It offers greater freedom and makes your life easier by giving you peace of mind when making withdrawals and payments.

Visa Liberté card

Top up this prepaid Visa Electron debit card by making cash or cheque payments or transferring money at any Orabank branch. The card is not linked to a bank account and allows the holder to make cash withdrawals from our ATMs, payments using Visa-compatible electronic payment terminals and online purchases.

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