Orabank Chad was established in 1992 and is one of Orabank Group's longest-standing banks. The holding company Oragroup owns 100% of its share capital, which totalled 10 billion CFA francs at the end of October 2013.

2014 was a less successful year for Orabank Chad, although it continued its growth in relation to 2013.

The bank's performance was impacted by the wider economic climate in Chad, which was marked by a downturn following a liquidity crisis in late 2013 that continued to drain reserves in the banking sector, as well as an energy crisis resulting from a shortage of petroleum products on the market that paralysed profit-generating activities.

Nevertheless, Orabank Chad managed to maintain and consolidate its position as one of the country's three leading banks, with a 20% increase in deposits and a 21% increase in loans, putting it in third place amongst a total of eight banks operating in Chad at the end of 2014.

Figures at 31 December 2014:

- a slight increase in the balance sheet total to XAF 153,779 million;

- net banking income rose by 18.86% from XAF 12,605 million in 2013 to XAF 14,982 million in 2014;

- deposits increased by 15.09% and loans by 21%;

- gross operating income increased by 26.88% from XAF 6,745 million in 2013 to XAF 8,558 million in 2014, while net income was down 81.59% from XAF 2,640 million in 2013 to XAF 486 million in 2014 following the allocation of reserves totalling XAF 7,000 million.

These figures were achieved through a stronger focus on big businesses in the oil and telecoms industries, institutions, SMEs, SMIs and public and private bodies.

Orabank Chad has continued to consolidate its position as the country's leading bank for quality business banking services and to add to its customer portfolio following a savings campaign that led to the opening of 19,582 personal banking accounts.

As regards human resources, 2014 saw the launch of an ambitious programme to recruit talented individuals in all areas of our banking operations, which will continue throughout 2015.

Staff training continues to be our main strategic focus for human resources.

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Board of directors

Ferdinand NGON


  • ECA – Cabinet Henri – Ndjaména TCHAD
  • Cabinet Mazars Cameroun SA

Management Committee

Chief Executive Officer : Mamadou BASS 
Deputy Chief Executive : Maimouna WALLAH DEZOUMBE & Abdoul DIALLO
Head of Legal Affairs and Compliance : Mamnoubya KADERGUELI
Comptroller : Sosthène BENOUDJIEL
Chief Risk Officer : Fulbert TAMIBE POFINET
Chief Administrative and Financial Officer : Faba REBICNE IGNERA
Head of Human Resources : Phénix KADJANGABA BONGO
Chief Information Officer : Maxime HOUNWANOU
Head of Personal Banking and Branches : Toralta ALTORGAGNE
Head of Banking for LMEs and Institutions : Idriss ALLAMINE IDRISS

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