• Chief Executive Officer of Orabank Ivory Coast: Losseni DIABATE
  • Deputy Chief Executive: Martial Goeh-Akue
  • Chief Administrative and Financial Officer: Eugène TIA
  • Head of Auditing: Joseph Nassouri
  • Head of Permanent control : Abdou Aziz GADIAGA
  • Head of Human Capital : Jean De Dieu Dah
  • Head of Banking Operations: Alizeta Dakoure
  • Head of Customer Services for Personal Banking : Lydie SERME
  • Head of Business Banking: Dramane Bazie
  • Chief Information Officer: Jean Michel Some
  • Chief Risk Officer: Alimata Onadja
  • Head of Legal Affairs and Litigation: Léa Sagnon
  • Head of Treasury : Zacharia OUEDRAOGO
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