Orabank remains a leading partner for businesses and institutions in Benin. Our banks are here to support your organisation in its day-to-day activities and development and investment plans with products and services that are tailored to suit your business needs.

Thanks to the preferential, flexible rates offered by Orabank Benin, you can invest and perform a range of transactions (including domestic and international transfers and banker's drafts), as well as benefit from a range of loans.  



An overdraft is a loan that can be arranged to help a customer/business manage their cash flow requirements.

Short-term Repayment Loans

These loans help business customers to manage their working capital.

Draft discounting

Draft discounting is a financing operation that allows customers to sell debts in the form of drafts (guaranteed or otherwise) to their bank.

Advance on invoices

An advance can be made on the basis of an unsettled invoice to enable a customer to pay suppliers involved in helping them to execute a contract.

Advance on contracts / Purchases orders

An advance can be made to help a business customer who has won a contract or purchase order to execute it.


Business customers can take out medium and long-term loans to finance fixed company assets, with a repayment period of over 24 months. Orabank customers can choose from a range of loans :

Investment loans

These loans are ideal for making structural investments.

Equipment loans

These loans can be used to help customers/businesses purchase goods or equipment.


Bid bonds

These bonds provide a guarantee to a project owner that a business has the financial means to execute a contract at the price quoted if selected as the successful tenderer.

Performance bonds

These bonds provide a guarantee to a project owner that a business will execute a contract in full.

Advance payment bonds

These bonds provide a guarantee to a project owner that an advance payment made to a business will be repaid if the business fails to meet its contractual obligations or that the contract will be executed to the value of the advance payment.

Demand guarantees

Demand guarantees impose a primary obligation on the issuing bank to pay a third party (such as a government, international organisation or supplier) on its first demand if a business fails to execute a contract.

Bill of exchange guarantees

Bill of exchange guarantees are used to guarantee the payment of a debt evidenced by a certificate.

Documentary credit

Documentary credit is an arrangement under which a bank guarantees to a foreign supplier that their invoice will be paid once it has received the customs documents proving that the goods have been dispatched in accordance with specified conditions and timescales.

Documentary collection

This is a simple payment procedure between trusted partners whereby an exporter instructs their bank to deliver shipping documents to an importer either on an 'against payment' (whereby the importer must pay the face amount of the bill of exchange at sight) or an 'against acceptance' (whereby the importer must pay on a specified future date) basis.

Stand By letter of credit

With this service, the bank provides their customer with permanent coverage of specified business transactions for a given amount and time period.

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