Orabank Benin remains a key partner serving the Benin economy.

After more than 25 years of activity, its network included fifteen branches at 31 December 2014, serving a diverse customer base consisting of personal banking customers, professionals, institutions and companies. It has become the bank for everyone, offering a range of products and services :

  • A range of different accounts
  • Internet and Mobile Banking solutions
  • Insurance products
  • Electronic payment solutions with subregional bank cards
  • Eight fast money transfer services
  • Various types of short, medium and long-term loans with preferential conditions for personal and business banking customers

Despite tough competition in an economy where twelve banks operate, at 31 December 2014 Orabank Benin's activities had resulted in a 23% increase in its balance sheet total to 228,944 million CFA francs from 186,168 million CFA francs the previous year.

Customer deposits have risen by 16% from 121,708 million CFA francs at the end of 2013 to 141,200 million CFA francs. Customer loans also increased by 14% from 97,435 million CFA francs at 31 December 2013 to 110,826 million CFA francs one year later.

Board of Directors

  • Ibrahim PEDRO-BONI : Chair
  • Ferdinand NGON
  • William NKONTCHOU
  • Coovi Célestin AHONON
  • Brice LODUGNON
  • Chakiratou AKADIRI



  • BENIN EXPERTISE – 03 BP 1886 Republic of Benin
  • MAZARS BENIN - 72 BP 48 Republic of Benin


  • FIDUCIAIRE D’AFRIQUE - BP 663 Republic of Benin
  • STATECO - 08 BP 319 Republic of Benin

Management Committee

  • Chief Executive Officer :  Josiane TCHOUNGUI
  • Deputy Chief Executive: Carlos MEVI
  • Head of Internal Auditing: Narcisse GBAGUIDI
  • Chief Risk Officer: Aïssatou ZITTI
  • Head of Customer Services for Personal Banking and Branches: Lucile SOSSOU
  • Head of Lending Operations: Diane ASSANI
  • Chief Administrative and Financial Officer: César ADANTOFODJI
  • Head of Banking Operations: Modeste ELEGBEDE
  • Treasurer: Herve MOUSTAPHA
  • Head of Legal Affairs : Serge VIDEGLA
  • Head of IT : Maxime HOUNWANOU
  • Head of Human Resources: Cheick Omar SISSOKO
  • Head of Marketing and Communications: Charbelle TIKRY
  • Head of Permanent Control : ADJAITCHINON Prosper

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