At Orabank Group, we firmly believe in maintaining our long-standing commitment to sustainable development, with the support of our employees, customers and partners.
Our Group has adapted the standard definition of 'sustainable development' to suit the requirements of a financial institution. Our aim is to satisfy current development needs without compromising those of future generations by adopting a responsible approach to banking that takes into account the interests of all stakeholders, from shareholders to our customers and employees or civil society as a whole.

As a financial intermediary that works with a range of economic agents, Orabank Group is also responsible for promoting best practice in relation to development.

A vision founded on the Group's values

The principle of sustainable development has been a cornerstone of the Group's culture since its foundation. It has been directly incorporated into the Group's strategies, which promote the development of a solidarity economy.

Business development : 

  • our business policies and products contribute to social development (e.g. company loans to employees, loans for micro-entrepreneurs and funding for projects)... 

  • we promote best practice in relation to sustainable development among those we loan to. 

Workforce management :

  • We support the principle of having a good mix of employees from different social and cultural backgrounds and of different ages;
  • We have a recruitment and integration policy to ensure that we are able to plan for the future more effectively;
  • We have a training policy to promote the professional development of our employees;
  • We attach great importance to social dialogue.

Protecting the environment :

  • We use energy resources carefully;
  • We promote energy-saving principles internally;
  • We promote environmental principles to our customers and finance environmentally friendly projects.

A system that promotes sustainable development

To take into account the interests of and constraints on all those with whom it works, both internally and externally (including employees, customers, shareholders and regulatory authorities), the Group has put in place a system that makes each a respected partner in addressing sustainable development issues :

  • Corporate governance practices;
  • Better risk management;
  • Rigorous internal control procedures;
  • A code of ethics;
  • Horizontal and vertical forums for dialogue between employees;
  • Promoting the principles of sustainable development among employees at all levels of the company hierarchy.

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