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2021 holds many promises of innovation, after a particularly demanding, difficult and complex 2020 due to the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Oragroup has nevertheless faced the many challenges imposed by this unprecedented context, and looks forward to 2021 with determination and resilience.

Indeed, the last 12 months have been marked by great successes and breakthroughs. The most emblematic success lies in the distinction of three branches of our group - Orabank Niger, Orabank Senegal and Orabank Burkina Faso - winners of the 2020 Banker of the Year Award at the prestigious The Banker Awards (Financial Times Group). The launching of the test phase of KEAZ in Côte d'Ivoire, our digital banking platform, continues at the same pace as Orabank Togo's progress in the e-commerce market. Finally, Oragroup recently sealed a partnership with Axian to strenghten financial inclusion in Africa by offering innovative digital financial services (e-money, financial services on cell phones, online nanosavings, etc.).

These positive changing allow our company to confidently approach the final phases of its transformative "2019-2021 Strategy: Growth and Profitability". In response to the constraints imposed by the crisis, Oragroup has demonstrated an unparalleled resilience. Thus, in the face of the difficulties encountered, the group has been able to develop strategies adapted to the realities on the ground, such credit lines for companies in the WAEMU zone, which have enabled it to get ever closer to its target customers, which are African SMEs and SMIs.

2021 is thus placed under the label of rebounding and conquering new markets. The development strategy we unfold is based on the group's digital transformation - a real growth driver, a factor for productivity gains to leverage financing our economies. This digital transformation will enable us to strenghten our activities and optimize our network in order to further improve the quality of services provided to our customers.

Our prospects are large, our ambitions are great, and our commitment is reinforced: whether they are artisans, merchants or industrialists, Oragroup will continue to fulfill its mission in financing African entrepreneurship, while learning from the Covid-19 crisis. As a pan-African banking organization of reference operating in 12 countries of West and Central Africa, we have, for 2021 the same objectives as those which were initially ours at the time of the foundation of the group: to continue to participate in the development and the financial integration of Africa, alongside the actors who make the economies of the continent.

Together, let’s strengthen Africa's resilience and guide the continent towards the prosperous future it is promised and which is well deserved.


Chief Executive Officer, Oragroup

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